FAQ (Employment)

Where is Antler River Elementary School (ARES)?
We are located on Chippewas of the Thames First Nation reserve, about 30 minutes west of London

Is it provincially regulated?
We are an independent First Nation school, governed by a Board of Trustees. We have about 130 students from Grades JK-8. We receive federal funding to operate.

What curriculum does ARES follow?
We follow the Ontario curriculum, revising it to reflect specific cultural and historical perspectives of First Nations people. Students receive 30 minutes of daily language instruction in Ojibway and we have a full-time Native Language and Culture teacher.

How does one get on the supply list?
Visit the school with a current OTC and police check. Arrange a meeting ahead of time with the Principal.

Can I do an alternative placement at Antler River?
As part of the graduation requirements of the new two-year program, many (all?) candidates are required to set up an alternative placement for the month of April, just before graduating. We are open to discussing proposals with you.

Do you have internet access?
Yes, We also have class sets of iPads and Chromebooks.

What do I need to know about indigenous education in order to work there?
The more you understand about the history and culture of First Nations, the more you will be able to make informed decisions in the classroom. Certainly, an awareness of the long term impacts of residential schools is critical.