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About Us

Antler River Elementary School is located on the north bank of the Thames River approximately 20 km southwest of London, Ontario. We call ourselves Anishinabe which means “the original people.” We are known as the Ojibway, which are a band of the Algonquin language family and originally migrated to the Great Lakes area from the north-eastern region of North America.

Our school is quite exceptional, a state of the art building designed with every aspect of learning considered.

The whole architectural design brings harmony to the outside elements and creates a balanced learning environment. High glass windows throughout the building bring in the sky, the sun, clouds and gives a clear view of the surrounding forest.










The library has high ceilings, walls of glass and billowing canvas sheets which simulate the clouds and life in the skies.





The hallways and classrooms reflect earth tones, soft lighting and many colourful designs throughout the building in the floor tiles and on the walls.





Our entire building is not only air conditioned, but wired with high-speed satellite which controls our computer lab, wireless laptops and all the offices and classroom computers.









There are SmartBoards in each classroom and an iRover and a SMART Table  in the Early Years division.













We also can boast a huge double basketball court gym, again with high windows bringing in the sky and natural light.






Outside we have two large playgrounds for our primary and junior divisions.







We also have a full asphalt track with a football / soccer field.






As well as a full cafeteria, and lots of activities showing our incredible Arts and Cultural programs.














Trophy cases are filled with our many awards and trophies.









And this is only a small view of our school, a school and a school community we are very proud to be a part of!